Events from the British Council Nigeria Creative Industries Expo

Hi Blog readers,
Its been a while since I posted an article to this blog, don’t mind me, being trying to sort out IGDA Nigeria’s registration as a non – profit organization in Nigeria.
However two weeks ago, was when all my team’s effort to achieve this registration came to fruition as we received our certificate of incorporation from the Government’s Corporate Affairs Comission. I was gladened by this achievement – finally I wont sound like a broken record tape to all the Chapter Leaders during our weekly Skype chat.
Anyway the week after that week, I found myself at the Bristish Council Nigeria Creative Industries Expo, that was held on December 4th -7th 2011. The event was pretty well organized by the Council, with international speakers like Ian Livingstone OBE, Life President of Eidos UK, Dr Martin Smith – Special Adviser, Ingenious Media UK, Margaret Bolton -Consultant, UK Third Sector Policy, Tom Broughton -Digital Media Strategist and a host of others.
Also in attendance at the expo, was the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Cheif Edem Duke and the Governor of Cross River State – H.E Senator Liyel Imoke.
With this roll call of special guests for this event, I felt like this was the opportunity for the youth entrepreneurs in this country. An opportunity that will be long – lasting in their memories, for just having to show up at this conference and discuss the issues we all have been facing trying to start a business that should be independent and life lasting.
As the speakers spoke on their industries and what they have achieved a lot of the attendants were really pumped up to speak about the challenges facing every entrepreneur in Nigeria, it was now time for these budding entrepreneurs to ask their questions and they really did.
Issues raised during the Questions and Answer time at the event focused on issues like sources of funding for entrepreneurial projects, piracy and copyright laws and how it affects the creatives in Nigeria, Lack of spaces with the urban environment for creative people to practice their art and so on.
These issues were answered pretty well by the speakers as most of the answers came from their experience of this problems in the UK.
Though there was a constant repition by the speakers that this was also a problem the creatives in UK and other parts of the World were facing today. The Nigerian panelists made a constant repitition of a certain 200 million naira grant given to the creative industry by the incumbent President during his campaign, before he was elected by the President.
The major issue with this fund that they pointed out was that there were no guidelines as to how this fund was to be deployed to the banks that will later grant these entrepreneurs access to it.
Some things in this country are just odd some times. However not to spoil a good time, the event did end well, at least for me. I finally had the opprtunity to take a picture with the legend himself – you all know who am writing about.
Yes, Mr Ian Livingstone OBE, Life President Eidos UK, the man behind games such as Dungeons & Dragons,Tomb Raider etc, taking a picture with him was my moment and I did. This was the point I felt that yes I am really getting somewhere with all this gaming efforts I am making. After all those Skype chats and really getting frustrated here – Its finally making sense now. I leave you ardent readers of this blog, with the picture of my moment at this expo here it is.